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World Domination Summit 2015 Quotables (Portland, OR, USA)

Building off my overall impressions of World Domination Summit on a previous post, I wanted to spotlight my favorite quotes from each of the speakers of World Domination Summit 2015. Inspired, reduced to tears, awe-struck, were just a small handful of emotions I felt witnessing such jovial, vulnerable souls take the stage and bear it all to a supportive audience.

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Day One

Jon Acuff (@jonacuff), Best Selling Author

I couldn’t help but marvel at the context Jon provided on how to best engage an audience, along with how adult priorities are a little misplaced when run through the perspective of a child.

Vani Hari (@thefoodbabe), Food Activist

Vani has seen her fair share of haters and stayed relentless in the wake of it all to get to the truth.

Brad Montague (@thebradmontague) & Robby Novak (@iamkidpresident), Cheer Advocates

If you haven’t seen any of Kid President’s videos, I suggest you start immediately. There’s not enough cheer and joy in the world and I love how they are single handedly making a difference with their thoughtful videos.

Lewis Howes (@lewishowes), Lifestyle Entrepreneur & Author

Lewis engaged in an interested topic of the male psyche and impressed me with his call to arms on the way men portray themselves in our modern society.

Megan Devine (@refugeingrief), Clinical Mental Health Professional

This was a real tear jerker and Megan delivered an excellent introspective on grief and how it should and shouldn’t be handled.


Day Two

Tess Vigeland (@tessvigeland), Author & Former Public Radio Show Host

The classic story of zero to hero, and it will never get old. Go Tess!

Jeremy Cowart (@jeremycowart), Photographer

It is extremely difficult to put in words how powerful his presentation was, and how inspirational Jeremy’s journey was to becoming a superstar photographer.

Lissa Rankin (@Lissarankin), Physician & Author

Modern Medicine seems to be getting away from the art of healing and it was fascinating to hear Lissa’s thoughts on how to get back to making healing important again.

Vanessa Van Edwards, (@vvanedwards), People Skills Expert

Vanessa taught everyone the importance of perfecting your best superhero stance!

Asha Dornfest (@ashadornfest), Parent & Writer

Asha reminded everyone of the importance of believing in themselves to work towards a larger goal, one baby step at a time.

Derek Sivers (@sivers), Entrepreneur & Musician

Freedom and execution over everything, Derek is a man after my own heart.


If you were in the audience at World Domination Summit, what were some of your favorite quotes? Let me know by connecting with me on Twitter, Instagram or Email.

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