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Villa Review: Villa Wambatu (Unawatuna, Sri Lanka)

Villa Wambatu in Unawatuna, Sri Lanka may be the nicest villa I’ve ever stayed in featuring 5 gorgeous bedrooms, a well-stocked kitchen, and a stunning pool.



Unawatuna, Sri Lanka (Google Map)
5 bedrooms, 3 living rooms, & pool
US$900 – 1,200 per night (Entire Villa)
Official Website | Booking.com


From the so-so pictures on their Booking.com listing, we weren’t in a rush to go to Villa Wambatu at first. We took our time sweet time getting sunned out in Weligama and drinking way too many gin & tonics during the day with dinner in Mirissa before eventually packing into a van and going to the villa.

The drive up to the villa from the main road was somewhat of an offroad adventure with the van going higher and higher up the hills of Unawatuna. We were all used to villas closer to the beach so we were starting to have our doubts about this place. The Villa Wambatu entrance came into view and we checked in at around 10 pm.

As soon as I walked in the door, my jaw dropped.

I couldn’t believe how beautiful the villa was. Despite it being quite dark, we were all greeted with a beautiful open space that encompassed the living room and pool areas. Like kids in a candy store, everyone ran around from bedroom to bedroom calling “dibs” on which bedroom they wanted to sleep in while trying to see everything the place had to offer.

Villa Wambatu Unawatuna Sri Lanka Open Living Room
Main living room during the day time

Waking up the next day was almost like Christmas morning for me because I was so excited to see the full grandeur of the place in the daylight. The villa has 5 bedrooms and plenty of living spaces so there was a lot of exploring to be done.

I was occupying the “Kithul” room which has an attached balcony that looks over the garden at the front of the property. It is the room that was closest to the front entrance of the villa.

Villa Wambatu Unawatuna Sri Lanka Upstairs Bedroom 1
“Kithul” room with king sized bed and attached bath

The other bedrooms in the main house are called “Jungle”, “Courtyard”, and “Sunset”. Sunset is considered the master bedroom and is, in fact, the nicest room with a large outdoor patio to watch the beautiful namesake sunsets of the area.

The “Pavilion” room is an interesting bedroom that was a little detached from the main complex. The room comes with the heaviest doors I’ve ever opened and is perfect for a couple who would like a little more privacy.

Villa Wambatu Unawatuna Sri Lanka Detached Main Bedroom
“Pavilion” bedroom

All of the bedrooms come with air conditioning and attached bathrooms. 4 of the 5 bedrooms even feature open-air showers which can be a little intimidating for privacy-conscious people. If you want a bathroom that is more enclosed, opt for the “Kithul” room upstairs.

In addition to the main living room, there is a TV room with a beautiful L-shaped couch and a giant TV perfect for movie night. There is also a reading/massage room sitting above the “Sunset” room if you need a quiet place to relax and enjoy a book.

Villa Wambatu Unawatuna Sri Lanka TV Room
TV room
Upstairs reading and massage room
Reading and massage room

Your stay comes with an on-site chef, Anthony, who commandeers a well-appointed kitchen and dining area that can easily host a nice meal for up to 10 people. We brought supplies with us that we whipped up in the kitchen in addition to the food that Anthony prepared for us.

What was a tad inconvenient was that we had to come up with a menu on the spot and even provide the cash up front to procure all the grocery items for that menu. Before we checked in, we emailed the host our preferred menu for our stay which clearly didn’t get communicated to the staff at the villa. Furthermore, we were used to settling any grocery bills at check out and getting asked for the money up front was a little surprising.

Villa Wambatu Unawatuna Sri Lanka Breakfast Spread
Breakfast spread featuring eggs, fresh cut fruit, and fresh juice
On site chef Anthony
On site chef Anthony

With the grocery procurement brouhaha out of the way, Anthony was able to whip up a delicious BBQ for lunch along with an equally delicious pasta for dinner that same day which left us full and very happy.

The piece la resistance of the villa is undoubtedly the pool which has comfortable loungers right beside it. All of us enjoyed being in or lounging by the pool to make an easy, breezy day go by. It is also a spectacular place to get a front row seat to watch the sunset as it sets behind the trees in the distance.

Yay Or Nay?

The villa only opened its doors in late 2018 so it is a relatively new property in the grand scheme of things. All of the rooms are elegant with really nice touches strewn all over the house.

Despite the miscommunication regarding our food preferences with the on-site chef, we really enjoyed our stay and groaned when we had to leave. If you have a large group or want to throw a large group event, Villa Wambatu may be the best place to do it.

Being a luxury property with some amazing amenities, it does command a high price of up to US$1,200 per night in the peak season so I will leave it up to you if it is worth it or not.

Yay ?
  • Beautiful rooms
  • Really nice pool and lounge area
  • Well equipped kitchen and dining area
  • Modern interiors

Nay ?
  • On-site staff not told of our preferences
  • Staff could have been a little more pro-active with attending to our needs during the day

What do you think of Villa Wambatu? Would you stay there if you were planning on visiting the Southern coast of Sri Lanka?

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