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Lounge Review: Miascor Lounge at MNL (Priority Pass)

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– Last updated on February 26, 2019

While Philippines serves as my staging area before my RTW trip, I have been finding myself at the Miascor Lounge everytime I fly out of Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 1. With my handy dandy Priority Pass membership as a perk from my American Express Platinum card, I’m able to access this lounge for free.


Ninoy Aquino International Airport (MNL)
Terminal 1, Next to Gate 9
24 Hours Daily

Access: Priority Pass (Currently unavailable as of Feb 2019)

The lounge itself is located right after security across from the Japan Airlines Samurai Lounge, looking rather ragged on the outside. After you sign in, the worn out look continues with degrading walls (formely white, but now a light grey/brown mix) and a corridor that takes you to the bathroom and also the main lounge area that is divided by a rather large mirror. On my first visit to this lounge, the bathroom was not functioning, which is just comical (or infuriating if you really needed to pee), but not surprising considering the woeful history of this airport as one of the world’s worst. The majority of the lounge seats are located on the other side of the mirror as you walk in. If you are able to get a seat here, you get a really neat view of the tarmac if watching planes taxi and take off is your thing. However, be prepared to enjoy that view cozying up with someone if the lounge is full as the seats are really close together!

Right out of the bat, you will notice the fans blaring to keep the scores of people inside cool. I’ve been to this lounge several times and everytime it has been at, or close to capacity. This doesn’t bode well for the internal temperatures which can reach sauna like levels sometimes and is the last thing you want if you are expecting a comfortable pre-departure experience! On one of my visits, I even overheard the staff complaining about it. That’s when you know when it’s really bad.

Fortunately, as I type this in the lounge, I’m happy to report that the main air-conditioning unit is not a mere ornament and the temperatures are much more comfortable during this visit compared to previous ones. The wifi, on the other hand, is barely operational and gets even worse with more and more people in the lounge trying to gain access as well. If you’re counting on getting work done or accessing something on the web, good luck.

Main seating area at Miascor Lounge MNL

The food options are quite limited with three chaffing dishes serving things like rice, noodles and local favorites like chicken adobo. Right next to that there is a small assortment of sandwiches that taste like cardboard. Unfortunately, that’s as good as it gets. Kitty corner to that is the soup section that rotates between items like chicken congee and cream of cauliflower, and above that is a small selection of half-empty liquor bottles, such as Absolut Vodka, Jack Daniels and Bacardi Gold. Again, nothing to get excited about.

Alcohol selection at Miascor Lounge - MNL

The star of the show, and frankly, this lounge’s only shining star is the dessert tray hidden away underneath a serving lid. After quizzing one of the many attendants at the lounge, she let me know that it is an assortment of banana bread, brownies and mango cake. If there’s something everyone is familiar with, it is sugar, and is enough to take the pain (and sweat) away from being in this lounge.

Pancit at Miascor Lounge MNL
Sandwiches and pastries at Miascor Lounge MNL
Main food station at Miascor Lounge MNL


Rating: ⭐️⭐️/ 5

If you have Priority Passand find yourself flying out of NAIA Terminal 1, then the Miascor Executive Lounge is a “better than nothing” lounge experience. Unless you’re really hungry, I say make yourself a cocktail and head straight for the desserts. It’ll help the time go by so you can get out of there and board your flight already.

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