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The One Time I.. Gave A Speech To A Bar Full Of People About Travel Hacking (Austin, TX, USA)

A few months ago, I gave my top 10 moments of this year’s South By Southwest but I was a little sly and didn’t include my real #1 top moment. Hear me out, it was for good reason! I was waiting for the video of the event to surface, and now it has and I’m stoked to share it with everyone. It was Saturday, March 14th and I signed up to be a speaker at Ignite SXSW, a showcase of presentations that are exactly 5 minutes in length with slides auto-advancing every 15 seconds!

To make things a touch more hairy, the event was taking place at a bar on 6th Street in downtown Austin. That alone seemed more intimidating than the topic I was going to present which ended up being about travel hacking. My talk was titled “How To Get A Plane Ticket Around The World For Free (Or Close To Nothing)” and off I went to a bar of about 50 onlookers (levels of sobriety unknown). Please note, I may have had a couple of beers myself to summon that liquid courage.

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