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How To Get To Boracay Island, Philippines

The Philippines’s crown jewel is one of the country’s most accessible island destinations by air and sea. Here’s a breakdown of how to get there to dig your feet into powder white sand in no time!

By Air

The two closest commercial airports to Boracay island are Caticlan (MPH) and Kalibo International Airport (KLO).

Aside from the main difference of the latter being an international airport while the former only serves domestic air traffic, Caticlan is within 10 kilometers of Boracay island which makes getting to the island much faster. The tradeoff is that you can only get to this airport from another domestic airport like Manila (MNL) or Cebu (CEB).

Flights To Caticlan (MPH)

Flights to Caticlan Airport
Image courtesy of FlightConnections
Manila (MNL)Cebu Pacific/Cebgo8x Daily
Philippine Airlines2x Daily
Air Asia4x Daily
Clark (CRK)Cebu Pacific/Cebgo1x Daily
Philippine Airlines1x Daily
Air Asia2x Daily
Cebu City (CEB)Cebu Pacific/Cebgo2x Daily
Philippine Airlines1x Daily
Air Asia1x Daily
El Nido (ENI)Air Swift1x Daily/4x Weekly
Busuanga (USU)Air Juan1x Daily

?TIP: Cebu Pacific/Cebgo, Air Asia and Philippine Airlines are constantly battling it out with rock bottom fares to Caticlan. Promotional fares can get you a roundtrip ticket from Manila for PHP 1,500 – 4,000 (~US$29 – 77).

Flights to Kalibo (KLO)

Flights to Kalibo Aiport
Image courtesy of FlightConnections
Manila (MNL)Cebu Pacific/Cebgo1-2x Daily
Philippine Airlines2x Daily
Air Asia3x Daily
Cebu City (CEB)Cebu Pacific/Cebgo1-2x Daily
Philippine Airlines1x Daily
Singapore (SIN)Scoot4x Weekly
Shanghai, China (PVG)Air Asia1x Daily
Beijing, China (PEK)Philippine Airlines3x Weekly
Seoul, Korea (ICN)Cebu Pacific/Cebgo1x Daily
Philippine Airlines1x Daily
Air Asia2x Daily
Air Seoul4x Weekly

?TIP: You will clear immigration at Kalibo airport if you are arriving from overseas so don’t forget to make sure you have the appropriate arrival visas for the Philippines. You can check your visa requirements by going here.

By Sea

For the more adventurous type, you can get to Caticlan by taking a ferry from Batangas (2 – 3 hours from Manila) which departs from the Port of Batangas. The journey takes about 11 – 12 hours with some itineraries going overnight.

A ferry ticket can range in cost from PHP 1,400 – 2,000 (~US$27-29) for a one-way journey.

You can book your ferry ticket with 2Go by clicking here.

?TIP: Book a State Room if you want some privacy otherwise you will be sharing bunks with other passengers.

Getting To Caticlan Jetty Port

After you have arrived by air or sea, you will need to make your way to the Caticlan Jetty Port which serves as the entrance into Boracay Island. It is here that the government screens and registers visitors to the island.

You can break down the journey to Boracay island into three parts:

  1. Getting from the airport/port to Caticlan Jetty Port (over land)
  2. Getting from Caticlan Jetty Port to Cagban Jetty Port (over water)
  3. Getting from Cagban Jetty Port to your accommodation in Boracay (over land)

You can either pay for an all-inclusive group transfer which takes you from the airport all the way your hotel in Boracay Island (most convenient and expensive) or DIY each segment of the journey (less convenient but cheaper overall).

?TIP: If you know you are going to want all inclusive transfers getting to and from Boracay, you can book roundtrip transfers with a tour operator and save a little bit of money.

If you are arriving in Caticlan Airport:

  • You can take a tricycle to Caticlan Jetty Port for PHP 75 (~US$1.50). This ride will take 10-15 minutes. Walk out of the terminal to catch a tricycle by the main road.
  • This will be included as part of an all-inclusive airport to hotel transfer. One way transfers are PHP 500 – 700 (~US$9.75 – 13.50) depending on the service provider. Mention the name of your hotel or where you staying so they put you in the right group.

If you are arriving in Kalibo Airport:

  • Bus and van transfers to the Jetty Port start at PHP 200 (US$3.85). The journey will take around 2 hours depending on traffic.
  • This will be included as part of an all-inclusive airport to hotel transfer. One way transfers are PHP 700 – 800 (~US$13.50 – 15.50) depending on the service provider. Mention the name of your hotel or where you staying so they put you in the right group.

?TIP: All inclusive transfers are great for those traveling with young children, a lot of baggage, and/or want the least stress getting to the island. Southwest Travel & Tours is the most renowned but most expensive transfer company serving Boracay. You can pre-arrange your transfer and even pay for it on their website.

Once you’ve arrived at Caticlan Jetty Port, proceed through the tents at the entrance for processing.

Tourist and Guest Registration at Caticlan Jetty Port
Tourist registration form in Caticlan Jetty Port

Since the cleanup, a rule has been put in place which states that visitors to Boracay must have confirmed reservations with an accredited hotel before being allowed to ferry over to Boracay. Failure to provide this at the checkpoint could mean refusal into Boracay island.

  • If you have paid for an all-inclusive transfer, follow your service provider’s representative who will guide you through the registration and security screenings as well as get you ready to board the boat.
  • If you didn’t pay for the all-inclusive transfer:
    1. Register yourself with the folks in the registration tent and show them proof of verified accommodation. It is best that print out a hard copy of your reservation because the officer may not accept soft copies or bookings made on mobile apps.
    2. Head over to the counter to pay the Terminal Fee PHP 100 (~US$1.90) and then the Ferry Fee PHP 75 -100 (~USD 1.50-1.90). Make sure you hold on to the tickets.
    3. Proceed through security and head to your boat’s loading dock.

Depending on your ferry provider, you will board a boat to take the 10 – 15 ride across to Cagban Jetty Port.

Boat in Caticlan Jetty Port Philippines

Getting To The Beach

Once you have disembarked at Cagban Jetty Port, you will proceed to your service provider’s land transportation vehicle as part of your all-inclusive transfer.

Before you board any vehicle, ensure that the driver is going to your hotel as you are likely to be part of a group.

Group Transfer from Cagban Jetty Port To White Beach
All inclusive group transfer from Cagban to our hotel in Station 3

If you don’t have pre-arranged transportation, walk outside of the Jetty and hire a tricycle or e-trike for a ride to the White Beach. Your driver should recognize most hotels along the strip. If he/she doesn’t, you can mention what Station your hotel is in.

A tricycle ride to Station 2 (midpoint of the White Beach) will cost anywhere from PHP 150 – 250 (US$2.87 – 4.79) and will take 15 – 25 minutes.

E Trikes in Boracay Island, Philippines

DIY Vs All Inclusive Transfer Cost Comparison

SegmentDIYAll Inclusive  
MPH/KLO to Caticlan75 - 200Included
Caticlan Jetty To Cagban Jetty175 - 200Included
Cagban to White Beach150 - 200Included
Total (per person) in Pesos (PHP)400 - 600500 - 800
Total (per person) in US$ (USD)~7.75 - 11.50~9.75 - 15.50

That’s it! Welcome to the world famous Boracay beach. Do you have any other tips on getting to Boracay safely?

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