Hello 2019

There’s nothing like that new blog smell..

Hello there and welcome to my latest (and hopefully, last) blog/website/online publication! This is the first honest-to-god post for this blog even though there are posts that were brought over from my old, now defunct, website

First thing’s first, I want to pour one out for my old blog. entered the digital ether of 1s and 0s a couple of months ago when I didn’t renew the site’s subscription, pulling the plug on a site that was on life support. While I was proud of everything I had published there, I simply got lazy and stopped adding to it.

I positioned that site as a travel publication but after my 13-month backpacking trip ended in 2017, I didn’t see myself traveling enough to produce ongoing content to it. That, plus laziness, was a recipe for nonchalance and detachment resulting in the website going through a very slow content death and plunging readership.

The good news is that very best parts of are on this site in some shape or form. The post may not be pretty after the conversion, but, it is here. I have even gone ahead and dolled a few up to match the aesthetic of the new blog and may do a few more on request.

This is the start of something new. The domain of this website is centered around my name which will not corner me into a specific niche. Content marketers and startup folks might scream in horror at that but I want to be able to transform this site into something else as my life progresses. I plan to be buried with this domain, damn it!

For the foreseeable future, much of the content on here will focus on technology and travel. My plan for a fluid site all will allow me to pivot into other arenas that are of interest to me later on in my life. This time around, I want to inject as much of my personality as possible to have you keep coming back with every new post. I’m not saying my deepest darkest secrets will be on display but I promise that this blog will not be littered with just how-tos and guides that my last site thrived off. You can expect more thought pieces and updates on my life (I’ve got a pretty big one that I’m keeping under wraps at the moment ?).

Most of all, my promise to you is (gulp) that I will post 3 – 4 times per week and I would like your help to keep me accountable. I’ve got lots of stories to tell and I’ve been the biggest barrier to publishing them all along. Cobbling together this 500-word post has been cathartic. I feel like a musician whose muscle memory is coming back after not picking up their instrument in so many years. The banging of the keys on my keyboard, proofreading and then hitting that magic ‘Publish’ button. What a rush! It feels great to be writing again.

Geronimo, here goes nothing.

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