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Surprise Discovery at Gastro Park Kapitolyo Food Park (Metro Manila, Philippines)

Wandering through neighborhoods should be at the top of a traveler’s to-do list whenever they are in a new area. Recently, my brother and I were in the Kapitolyo region of Metro Manila burning some time before lunch when we came across a street sign for a new food park. After living in Austin, Texas for a couple of years, I am a huge proponent of food parks and trucks and the wonders they bring to any city. We followed the arrow and made our way to what looked like a really small space from the outside, but quite the opposite after we walked in.

Hello Gastro Park Kapitolyo! There was a central dining area and vendors surrounding it in a U-shape. Scanning the area, there were vendors of various cuisines with names like Japbox, Wok and Sweet Nothing. I found the general design of the vendors colorful and uncomplicated, which was perfect because I don’t come to food parks to feel sophisticated and wear a 3-piece suit. Instead, I want to put on my favorite Fred Flintstone outfit and chow down without any utensils! Wonderful first impression. Great job Gastro Park!

As I made my way around, I had so much trouble deciding what I wanted to snack on. Remember, this was pre-lunch appetizer as we had lunch plans nearby which made the indecision even more unnerving. There was a stall peddling donut burgers, which pulled at my heartstrings, a vendor with liquid nitrogen ice cream, one called Bagneto (a clever pun inspired by an X-Men villain) and even a jeepney slinging sandwiches with iconic Filipino fare, such as chicken adobo, as filling.

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Ratings Scale

Spit It Out Immediately

✪✪ It Could Be Worse

✪✪✪ Not The Worst Thing You’ve Tried

✪✪✪✪ Loosen Your Pants

✪✪✪✪✪ Give Up Your First Born For This

(Exchange rate as of February 13, 2016)

Decisions had to be made and we ended up trying:

Chicken Curry Quesadilla
PHP 150 (US$3.16)
Vendor: The Masala Bar

Rating: ✪✪✪✪✪
Give Up Your First Born For This
I was floored at how good this was! The tortilla it was on was soft and warm with wonderful consistency and tasty chicken curry filling.

Pork Belly & Chicken Fillet Yakitori
PHP 40 each (US$0.84)
Vendor: Niku-Q

Rating: ✪✪✪✪
Loosen Your Pants
These were both expertly cooked with a great sauce. I could easily wolf down 30 more sticks.

Fresh Brewed Green Apple Tea
PHP 40 (US$0.84) (16oz)
Vendor: Sweet Nothing

Rating: ✪✪✪✪ Loosen Your Pants

Fresh > Concentrate. No exceptions. Sweet Nothing did a wonderful job with this refreshing beverage which was a joy to drink.

While I wasn’t able to try every single establishment, here is a preview of what the 15 vendors have to offer at Gastro Park.

Sweet Nothing

Beverage. Fresh juices & milkshakes.


Japanese. Compact rising sun favorites such as teriyaki & donburi.

Japbox Instagram

El Phante

Thai-Mex. What happens when Thai and Mexican food have a love child.

El Phante Instagram

The Masala Bar

Contemporary Indian. Get the Chicken Curry Quesadilla!

The Masala Bar Instagram


Chicken. ’nuff said.

Chixy9 Instagram


Yakitori. Grilled to order meat-on-a-stick goodness.

Niku-Q Instagram


French Fries. Classic and artisan fry masters. They also serve raspberry juice in a fishbowl!

Surfries Instagram

Tolyo’s Soup n’ Grill

Soup/Grill. Straight forward soup and grilled meats for your eating pleasure.


Asian Fusion. Deep fried pork with a clever pun.

Bagneto Instagram

Para: Filipino Sandwich Bar

Sandwich. Pinoy classics in an oversized bread roll.

Para Instagram

Stuffed by Offbeat

Burgers. They have donut burgers!

Stuffed By Offbeat Instagram

Tokyo Tempura

Japanese. Deep fried Japanese delicacies.

Tokyo Tempura Instagram

The Seventh Element

Ice Cream. Liquid nitrogen treated ice cream!

The Seventh Element Facebook Page


Singaporean. Hawker favorites such as Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice) and Hainese Chicken.

Wok Instagram

Brick Plate

Americana. Steaks, ribs and pizza.

Brick Plage Instagram

Gastro Park Kapitolyo Food Park

#12 1st Street

Kapitolyo, Pasig City


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Official Facebook Page

Additional information of this review was adapted from: New Food Park Alert: 14 + 1 Reasons to Visit Gastropark Kapitolyo Food Park (The Booky Report).

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