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Blog Updates – April 2019

In the interest of full transparency, here is this month’s update on the blog’s traffic, social media reach, and lessons learned. For a full archive of updates, please click here.

Greetings from a chilly Melbourne, Australia, and welcome to the first ever blog update for Nico In Real Life!

One of the things I am keen on doing with this blog which I didn’t really do with my previous endeavors is FULL TRANSPARENCY. You know it is serious when I type it in all caps! Within reason, I want this blog to be a digital representation of me as a person. You should be able to read my posts and know where my heart and mind is at any time.

It is a tall order and I’m still trying to figure out the exact way I’m going to accomplish that but this post series should help in that respect.

Posting my blog’s monthly statistics also provides you as a reader a behind-the-scenes look at the blog and show you what it takes to pull one off. I’m really thankful for the support I have received since launching and I want to put everything I have got into this.

Blogging is a relatively easy thing to do, but blogging well is, like most things in life, hard. You can even through in an AF in there if you are so inclined.

Men lie, women lie, but numbers do not.


Blog Posts




I reached my first major milestone by launching last month. However, the thing I did not do was set a monthly goal for the number of posts I wanted to publish. Having regular and consistent posts keeps people coming back and more importantly, it shows the almighty Google that your site is active and to rank it higher on search results.

When I was looking at the numbers for this post, I couldn’t believe that I had only published 6 posts. That is way too low for me. I want to maintain an average of 10 – 15 posts per month in order to provide some consistency to myself and the readers of this blog.

Every 2 weeks or so, I put down a list of what I want to write about and put it on a content calendar. In reality, I have done an awful job of sticking to it. It is very easy for me to postpone what I want to write for another day. I have hit snooze so often that nothing got written, Ugh!

March 2019
Page Views



539 ?

MoM increase/decrease

March 2019 Unique Visitors



455 ?

MoM increase/decrease

Overall, I’m really happy the site is off the ground. I’ve been working on it for months and while it isn’t perfect, launching something was more important above all else.






18 ?

MoM increase/decrease





4 ?

MoM increase/decrease





55 ?

MoM increase/decrease





1 ?

MoM increase/decrease

I’m doing most of the blog’s marketing on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. I’m not quite ready to create content for my YouTube channel just yet.

My biggest success this past month was leveraging Facebook for marketing by creating a page for the blog. After looking at the numbers, Facebook accounts for over 75% of the incoming referrers into the website. This number really surprised me because I didn’t spend nearly as much time creating content there compared to Instagram.

Lessons Learned & GOALS FOR April 2019

The honeymoon period for the blog is over. It’s time to get to brass tacks and grow his baby of mine. I’ve spent a lot of time creating Instagram stories (such as this one) that have had very little return in terms of traffic to the site. Given how surprising the numbers from Facebook are, I will be shifting my social media marketing attention there this month.

For this month, I’ll be focusing on writing more articles and increasing my traffic. Here is what I am gunning for:

April 2019


April 2019
Page Views


April 2019
Unique Visitors


There’s no point having a goal if does not scare you, right?

Another big goal this month I have is to launch an insider’s club for this site called “The Postcard Club“. I have everything formulated in my head and need to look into some technical integrations for this website before it can go live. Please be on the lookout for more details soon!

Thank you for the support and following along!

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