Austin, I’ll miss you(r tacos)!

Oh Austin, it’s only been a few days since I left, and I miss you already. My time as a resident of this beautiful city was relatively short at just two and a half years, but even still, it left quite the impression on me. Moving to a new city can be intensely overwhelming, but I have had the good fortune of adapting successfully to new environments for most of my life so far. Living in Austin proved to be just that, fitting seamlessly with my life like a hand in a perfectly sized glove.

As I look back at the time I spent there, that chapter of my life is most aptly named: “Revolution”. It is there that I eventually broke out of the shell of the model life, the one with rigid rules and guidelines to follow in order to be “happy”. In the beginning, the catalyst for my move to Austin was an exciting new opportunity in the software world, but it was that very humdrum experience that lit a fire under me and opened my eyes about where my life was really heading. Enough was enough, and it was time for this caterpillar to become a butterfly. And for that, I thank you Austin.

 Suited up to play corn hole! Only in Austin...
Suited up to play corn hole! Only in Austin…

I also wanted to thank you for the serendipitous meetings with amazing human beings I ran into whilst living there. Thank you for sending my sense of taste into overdrive with some of the best tacos and smoked meats I’ve ever enjoyed in my lifetime. Thank you for being a great home to a sweet puppy I cared for for a brief moment in time. Lastly, thank you for letting me see the world, whether that meant it coming to Austin, or the opportunity to explore it was became possible. A peace of my heart will always remain here, and thank you again for all the southern hospitality over the last two years that made magic happen.

Just like the iconic graffitti – Austin: “I Love You So Much”. Thank you for being such a wonderful home and a place where my mind expanded numerous times, each time reaching farther and farther into realm of living life to its fullest, most possible extent. I will be back. That, I promise you.

See you again soon,